Pilgrimage Tourism In Sikkim

Nothing can be more peace-making then the environment at the religious temples in Sikkim. Sikkim has always been a most wanted destination for tourists. Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim ranges from Buddhist monasteries to Char Dham. Sikkim is the perfect example of rich culture and heritage. The temples of Sikkim are huge and magnificent, inspiring awe the very moment one sees them and identify as one of the best sites for Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim.

Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim emanate a spirit of magic which doesn’t leave anyone untouched, and inspires one to look inwards, away from the materialistic world. You will find several prominent monasteries and temples in the state which attract thousands of visitors over the years as a part of Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim.

 Below is the list of best sites for Pilgrimage Tourism In Sikkim:

Solophok Chardham

Solophok Chardham one of the site for pilgrimage  Tourism in Sikkim. The construction of the Pilgrimage-cum-Cultural Center at Solophok aims at promoting Religious Tourism, coupled with Village and Eco tourism.
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This unique Pilgrim Centre has a main temple of 108 feet height on which is based the 87 feet high statue of Lord Shiva on the sitting posture at the Solophok Hill. Apart from Shiva statue, this Pilgrim Centre also has replicas of the twelve Jyotirlingas, to offer one platform for Shiva devotees.
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History behind Solopok Chardham
Lord Shiva incarnated as Kirateshwar in Indrakeel (Present Sikkim). Therefore, in this incarnation he is locally worshipped by the people of Sikkim as Lord Kirateshwar. A statue of 16 1/2 feet height of Lord Kirateshwar is also installed in the complex.
In order to attain Moksha, the Hindu belief is to perform pilgrimage to all the existing four Dhams. Thereby, replicas of these four Dhams, namely Badrinath, Jaganath and Dwarka dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Rameshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva is also constructed.
Facts about Solopok Chardham
The pilgrim centre is constructed on top of the  Solophok  Hill in South Sikkim which is about 5 kilometers from Namchi town over an area of 28.958 Ha of land. The built up complex covers an area of approximately 7 acres and is accessible by a smooth road.
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The profile of the hill suggested that the main Shiva complex with the main statue be placed at the highest commanding point in the west direction and facing east.
The entire complex is divided into four main elements, namely
(1) Shiva Statue with 12 Jyotirlingas,
(2) Four Dhams,
(3) Sai Baba Temple and
(4) Kirateshwar statue besides Nandi bull, Sai dwar, Sai Temple, Kiratdwar, Kirateshwar Statue, Shiv Dwar,
Facilities at Solopok Chardham
 Main entrance gate, Car parking, Drivers room, kiosks, 96 bedded Yatri Niwas, VIP Guest house, security building- cum- auditorium and cafeteria, main prayer hall, viewing pavilion, viewing chattri, dormitory, water bodies and musical fountain.
This pilgrimage centre has been dedicated and designed to place Sikkim in the very conscience, heart and minds of the citizens of India and beyond. Apart from providing a unique religious and cultural ambience, the Pilgrimage-cum-Cultural Centre established on a grand scale hereafter ought to be a tourist attraction at the National as well as International level. The existing linkages have been explored and the tourist activities targeted are Pilgrimage, cultural activities, seminars, religious discourses, nature study and passive recreation.
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The pran-pratisthan ceremony was graced by his holiness Shri JagadguruShankarcharya Swami SwarupanandaSaraswatiMaharaj on 8th Nov 2011 in the prescence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State Shri PawanChamlin.

 Other places of interest for Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim have been listed below:

Shiva Mandir, Legship

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Shiva Mandir one of the best site for pilgrimage  Tourism in Sikkim. Also known as Kirateshwar Mahadev temple, It is situated on the banks of beautiful Rangitriver. A foot suspension bridge takes the devotees to its attractive location. People from all over the state visit this holy place of eminence. According to popular belief, whosoever worships here will earn virtues of two life times.
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Samdruptse literally means ‘wish fulfilling hill’ in the Bhutia language. Situated near Namchi in South Sikkim, it is at a distance of 75 kms from Gangtok. A unique, awe inspiring and gigangtic 135 feet high statue of Guru Padamasambhava is installed atop Sampruptse. It is the highest statue of Guru Padamasambhava in the world. His Holiness the Dalai Lama laid the foundation stone of the statue in October 1997. It took nearly three years to complete the statue.
The ultimate plan is to make Samdruptse as an international pilgrimage centre on completion of meditation huts, ropeway library, guest house, public amenities, parking yard etc, around the towering statue. The message of love, compassion, peace and harmony is aimed to spread throughout the world from this historic hill.Thats why It is one of the best site for pilgrimage  Tourism in Sikkim.
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 Buddha Park (Sakyamuni Project), Rabong

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 Buddha Park  in Rabong one of the best site for pilgrimage  Tourism in Sikkim. 2006 marked the 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha. The state government in a policy decision had decided to observe the birth anniversary throughout the year in Sikkim.
As a part of the celebrations, an initiative was taken by the people of Rabong to construct and install a statue of Lord Buddha at Rabong ,to commemorate the 2550th year, and also to develop the Buddhist Circuit in Sikkim. The state government has already kicked off the Buddhist circuit and this project would give the much required impetus to boost tourism and attract pilgrim tourists to the area.


So now, when you know what to do in Sikkim on a Pilgrimage trip why not plan an escapade now and take along a list of exciting and unique things to do on your next visit! Find Out our Pilgrimage Tours Packages in India.
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