Bhutan: 5 less travelled places

If you love mist-covered elevations and lush forests, Bhutan perhaps will structure high on your bucket list. An empire known for its GNH (Gross National Happiness), this part of heaven is just as well-known for its unspoiled beauty and culture. While you can discover all the popular places in Bhutan during your trip, you can also select offbeat tracks, goods and cafeterias for a more varied break. I have compiled a list of less travelled places in Bhutan for you to check out.

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 Kila Nunnery, Paro   

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Surged firmly a long side a cliff, the Kila Nunnery was established in the 9th century as a meditation site, and is the ancient nunnery in Bhutan. With 50 nuns pursuing higher studies in Buddhism, this place is a must-visit for its tranquility and structural design. You can also combine a visit to the nunnery with a hike from Cheli La and pass through forests.This makes it one of the less travelled places in Bhutan.



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Lheunste must positively eye on your list. Known for its rough mountains, remarkable views, luxuriant forests and outstanding cliffs, this was once home to Bhutan’s royal family. Lheunste is also known for its fabric civilizations and the many holy sites.This makes it one of the less travelled places in Bhutan.
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Paro Taktsang – The Tiger’s Nest Monastery

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Suspended atop a projection, the monastery where the Second Buddha is believed to have meditated, and where Padmasambava, his Tibetan concubine, reached on a soaring tiger. You’ll have to hike up right from the valley floor to the Tiger’s Nest, which is 3000 feet above. After two hours of slow climbing, you’ll reach the monastery, only to be greeted with some wonderfulsights of the valley and peaks, making the trek memorable.This makes it one of the less travelled places in Bhutan.


Philatelic Bureau, Thimpu


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Philatelic Bureau post office may seem like an improbable place to offer something stimulating, but this post office delivers somewhatexclusive – a personalized and bespoke set of stamps. Take along your best photo or get a photograph taken on the spot, the staff will design them out on a set of stamps. You can also buy a lot of picture postcard for families back  home.This makes it one of the less travelled places in Bhutan.
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 National  Hand loom Development  Project,  Trashigang

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The National Handloom Development Project is the place to go to for traditional woven fabrics. Operated by the National Women’s Association of Bhutan (NWAB), it outsources weaving schemes to more than 400 inhabitants, who create gorgeous handwoven fabric with old-style patterns that are sold here.This makes it one of the less travelled places in Bhutan.
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