10 Things worth trying when you are in Nagaland

10 Things worth trying when you are in Nagaland

Tour the Naga Villages

Ruzaphema has multi-coloured markets keeping a wide range of tribal handicrafts. A few kilometres further away from Kohima are Khonoma’s adjoining fields that produce a wide variety of paddy. Mokokchung is a quaint little town with graceful streams and scenic hills.
Stay back to celebrate their main festivals of Aos-Moatsu and Tsungremmong. In the amazing village of Jakhama, you’ll see houses with walls that are still pierced with bullet marks of WW II.


Explore Mysticism in Mount Tiyi

One of the mystique places in Nagaland, the Mount Tiyi is also known as the ‘Mountain of Life’. According to the legends, the mountain has an orchard that can only be travelled by the most modest and pure souls.
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Trek to the Veda Peak

Located in the Mon district of Nagaland, the Veda Peak is the highest amongst all the peaks in this neighbourhood. Locally known as the Pak Koi, on trekking to the top, one can enjoy panoramic views of the mighty Brahmaputra and the Chindwin rivers.


Enjoy Bird Watching in Khonoma 

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For the nature lovers, they can indulge in a lively and delightful bird-watching tour in Khonoma hamlet. Jotted on a small hill, Khonoma is also credited as the first ‘Green Village in India’.
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Shop for Indigenous Arts and Crafts 

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Nagaland is well-known for bamboo artefacts such as mugs, bowls, mats and intricately-carved showpieces. Pick up bamboo carving work as mementos and even old-fashioned fabrics in Naga pile and beadwork.


 Delve into History at the War Museum 

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The Kohima War Museum is a World War II graveyardin memory those who fought bravely during the war. There are replicas of tanks used by the allied forces and other memorabilia. The most notable of all is an epitaph at the top of hill that reads “When you go home, tell them of us and say; for your tomorrow, we gave our today”. The writings on the gravestones are sure to tug on your heartstrings.
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Visit the Kohima Zoo 

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One of its own kinds, this zoo is a sole shelter for different endangered wildlife species. Well, what makes the zoo distinctive is that it spreads along the slopes of a hill and makes it for the natural home to some of the rare and exotic species.


Visit the Triple Falls

Well, the waterfall is named such due to its three different branches that create a enchanted spell on the visitors. A trek to the base of this waterfall is also one of the best things to do in Nagaland.


Visit Mokokchung  

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Snuggled among scenic hills, spectacular streams and an immortal charm, this old-fashioned little town is also known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Nagaland’. Its hypnotic beauty and plea makes it a must see tourist destination in Nagaland.
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Wildlife Spotting in Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary 

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On a visit to this wildlife sanctuary, you can spot some of the infrequent, native and striking species of Nagaland. Tiger, Golden Langur, Hornbill, Black Stork, Monitor Lizard, Sloth Bear and Python are amongst the most usually found species in this park.


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