5 Experiences in Nagaland You Simply Must Not Miss

Nagaland is a meal for the minds. Whether you are a solo explorer or one to travel with groups and people, this is one place that will never disappoint you. We’ve selected a list of the most exhilarating experiences and doings that could make your Nagaland vacation splendid than it generally would be.

Here is the list of exhilarating experiences


Experience Living in Tribal Huts 

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In the settlements of Nagaland, every tribe builds a faultless imitation of the hut their ancestors used to live in, even if their own may have changed over the years. These huts, known as morungs, portray the lifestyle of the tribesmen.
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At the Naga Heritage Village, you can take a conducted tour to see each one of these and interrelate with tribals. They will offer you freshly-brewed rice beer served in bamboo glasses.

Try the Genuine Naga Delicacies 

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Every day is a food fest in Nagaland — on your plate can be snails, frogs, dog meat or bamboo fungus. Almost everything that crawls or moves can be found in a Naga kitchen, slowly roasting on a fire.
On a chilly winter evening, a extravagant dish of smoked meat pickle, slow baked pork and curry with bamboo shoots, and rice is calming, to say the least.


Hike to Japfu Peak  

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Throughout the monsoon months, Dzukou Valley curtains itself in a colourful carpet of lilies, euphorbias and rhododendrons. Trek for five hours through the valley to reach Japfu Peak in the sunrise.
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You see yourself standing on the second highest peak in Nagaland and witness a spectacular sunrise and savour panoramic views of the valley.


Experience the Naga culture during the Hornbill Festival  

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If you haven’t fixed your dates yet, then design your trip to Nagaland in the first week of December. This is when the world-famous Hornbill Festival takes place at the Naga Heritage Village. The foggy valley comes thriving and the rich Naga culture is on full display during these 10 days.
You get to see the best of native crafts, local sports such as archery and wrestling, and traditional performances. Stop and listen to the commanding rhythms of warrior log drums in appropriated Nagaland.


Witness Native Life at the Kohima Night Market  

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If the Hornbill Festival is the best to explore age-old traditions and customs, the night market is where the true spirit of the city, as it is today, comes alive.
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Locals come here to eat and hang out, lending the marketplace a heterogeneous atmosphere. Taste local delicacies and pamper yourself with street shopping.


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