Weekend Getaway From Kolkata: Asansol

Are you planning a Weekend Getaway from Kolkata? You might not consider Asansol as the first choice. A Perfect Weekend Getaway from Kolkata Asansol has an adequate list of activities to keep you busy. 

Asansol is located in the core of the coal belt and is the 2nd largest city of West Bengal. It has truly a right mix of peaks, foliage, lagoons, shrines and a flourishing city life to attract travellers. It is at a distance of 206 km from Kolkata and is a great place for Family, friends and couples.

Things to Do in Asansol       

Try the lovely Trek to Joychandi Pahar

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You could reach this patronising hill in a one hour train drive from Asansol and is prominent for rock climbing. It offers impressive views of the landscape and the adjacent hills. Many movie flicks like Satyajit Ray’s famous film HirakRajarDeshe was shot here.

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Have a quick visit to Nehru Park 

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Nehru park is situated on the banks of Damodar River.It is a popular picnic spot and has a musical fountain, waterways, trimmed lawns and a cafe, it attracts plenty of peoples. It is near the City centre and a rickshaw or cycle ride would be the best option.


Enjoy Boating at Maithon Dam

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30 km from Asansol, Maithon Dam is a great place for a day trip. Surrounded by hills and a reservoir which is 65 km long, It has the most spectacular sundown sights. With boating services and stalls selling a diversity of appetisers, it is a top attraction as a tourist destination.

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Visit the Kalyaneshwari Temple 

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This renowned place of worship is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Followers come from far and near to seek sanctifications of the goddess. Human sacrifices have also been made here in the past. A couple without children come here to pray and fulfil their wishes.


Don’t forget to Visit Churulia

Churulia is the the birth place of well-known Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and is 17 kms from Asansol, is a great drive with paddy turfs on both sides. There are a number of people who come from as far as South India to be a part of this cultural show every year.

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Insider Tips

When in Asansol, Try out the local GulabJamun called Langcha. It is widely available in almost every sweet shop.

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