Top 10 Best Places to visit in Allahabad

Places to visit in Allahabad

Explore Places to Visit in  Allahabad

Allahabad can be best defined as ‘the City with many dimensions’. In olden days Allahabad was known as Prayag or ‘City of offerings as it is positioned near Triveni Sangam which is very sacred for Hindu devotees. Triveni Sangam is the meeting point of three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is a religious tourist spot. It is home to some of the greatest monuments, the most ancient city in the world, and the seat of Buddhism and the colours of all faiths.

There are a number of Places to visit in Allahabad. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Allahabad. Discover new places to see and unique things to do nearby Allahabad. Don’t miss out on these amazing sights at Allahabad.


List of Places to visit in Allahabad


All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad

All Saint Cathedral is one of the Best Places to visit in Allahabad. It is located in the heart of the city, the church stands out as one of the marvels of architecture and is visited by tourists from all over India and abroad. Even if you are not particularly a religious person, this church is bound to attract you with its serene beauty and charm. Founded in 1871 and consecrated in 1887, it is located in a large open space at the junction of the two major roads in the city, MG Marg and SN Marg; and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The locals call it ‘Pathar Girja’ which means Church of Stones.

The beautiful and imposing structure of the church is visible from far, offering a complete treat to the eyes. Built in Gothic style of architecture, it is regarded as one of the best Anglican cathedrals found in India and is built with cream colored stones and the roof covered with red tiles.

Places to visit in Allahabad

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The large hall of the church is spacious enough to accommodate 300 to 400 people. The high ceilings and the decorated walls of the hall attract you as you step inside. The intricate works and designs on the marble altar keeps you spell bound with its beauty. Another attraction in the church is the stained glass panels. One can only wonder at the glass and pillar works of the church, which retaintheir originality even after 125 years of construction. There are narrow aisles inside and two transepts at the north and south. During the hot summer months, the low windows of the church are covered with wet khuskhus mats to make the interior cool.

All Saints Cathedral Information

  • Be properly dressed when you visit the church.
  • Keep silence inside the church and if you talk, keep low volume.
  • Do not spoil the seats and the furniture inside the church.
  • Other than public transport there are cabs and private vehicles offering service to the church.
  • Do not litter inside the church.
  • If you visit the church during the Christmas time, it looks even more beautiful and lively.

All Saints Cathedral Tickets Prices

  • No tickets are needed.

All Saints Cathedral Opening and Closing Hours

  • Open on all days of the week.

How To Get To All Saints Cathedral by Public Transport

  • Nearest bus stand is within 1 km radius from the cathedral.

Restaurants Near All Saints Cathedral

  • Jade Garden
  • Jade Restaurant
  • AaoJeeDhaba
  • MalviyaBandhu
  • Baradari
  • Swagat the Family Restaurant
  • Foodys Heaven
  • Kwality Restaurant
  • Pashawari Restaurant



Triveni Sangam Prayag, Allahabad

Triveni Sangam Prayag is one of the favorite Places to visit in Allahabad and Sangam of three rivers, Ganges, Yamuna and the invisible River Saraswati which creating a beautiful sight to the spectators. During the Kumbh Mela, which is celebrated here every 12 years, tourists and pilgrims from all over the country flock together, forming a human sea. Indira Gandhi, who was the dynamic Prime Minister of India, used to visit here and take a holy dip in the Sangam.

One of the myths associated with the place is that when Gods passed over here with a pitcher full of nectar, a few drops of the nectar fell down. So a bath in the Sangam is considered very auspicious, having the power to wash away all your sins, making you pure. Another belief is that Lord Brahma used to perform Prakrishta Yajna here. This is supposed to give Allahabad the name Prayag.

Places to visit in Allahabad

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The very sight of the holy rivers is bound to make you awe at the spirituality of the place. There are boats to take you to the Sangam and once you reach the place, you will be spellbound with the beauty of the place. River Yamuna is deep and calm with greenish colored water, while River Ganges is frivolous with shallow and clear water. River Saraswati is believed to be underneath the water and not visible to the human eye.

Many of the devotees take a dip in the holy waters of the Sangam and perform Pujas. Beware of the pundits who help you perform the rituals, as they may charge you extra. During auspicious days a number of holy men and devotees take a dip in the Sangam. A lot of birds are also seen here and people buy chips and dry snacks to feed them. The divinity of the place is beyond description and its beauty is best experienced during the sunrise and the sunset.

Triveni Sangam Prayag Information

  • Visit the place in the morning or in the evening as the place is very hot during the afternoon.
  • Bargain with the boatman and fix the price before you step into the boat.
  • During the winter seasons you may see a lot of immigrant birds.
  • Do not carry any of your valuable when you go for a ride in the boat. Better keep it in the vehicle or in lockers if they are available.
  • If you are performing any puja, make sure that the pundits do not fool you.
  • Be careful when going on the boat with children.
  • Take drinking water and food with you.

Triveni Sangam Prayag Tickets Prices

  • 20 to use the temporary platform made inside the Sangam.
  • Other Hours Details: Open on all days of the week.

How To Get To Triveni Sangam Prayag by Public Transport

  • Bus stand outside the temple.

Restaurants Near Triveni Sangam Prayag

  • There are no eateries nearby.



 Anand Bhawan, Allahabad

Located strategically in the middle of the city, Anand Bhawan has a lot of stories about the struggle for independence to tell you and its one of the Places to visit in Allahabad. It was here that the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi spent her childhood days, spending a lot of time with Jawaharlal Nehru and the national leaders of India.

The meaning of Anand Bhawan is ‘The Abode of Happiness’ and when a second house was built adjacent to it, the new building was given the name Anand Bhawan and the original one was renamed Swaraj Bhawan. Indira Gandhi donated it to India in 1970 and it was later converted into a museum.

Places to visit in Allahabad

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The two storey building is a palatial structure with high ceilings, spacious rooms and verandahs with a large number of pillars, presenting a wonderful sight to the spectators. It is well maintained and kept in good condition. You will love the furniture in the rooms, which are beautifully designed, reflecting their antiquity and value.

Before you reach the house, you are welcomed by a small board stating the significance of the place and why it is important for the Indian people. Walking inside the majestic two storey house, you are immediately taken back to the pre-independent era and you will see:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru’s own bedroom and study;
  • Indira Gandhi’s living quarters with some of her personal belongings;
  • A room dedicated to the use of Mahatma Gandhi himself and
  • A drawing room containing things that belonged to Motilal Nehru and Jawaharlal Nehru.

These precious sanctuaries can only be viewed through glass, as you are not allowed entry in to the rooms. But that is enough to tell you how simple a life these leaders lived. You will also see a lot of paintings and pictures of the Nehru family.

Anand Bhawan Information

  • A light and sound show is conducted here four times daily.
  • You are not allowed to walk on the well maintained lawns.
  • Young children are given art and craft classes within the premises.
  • Keep silence inside the museum and do not touch or meddle with the artifacts in the museum.
  • During the vacation times, the place is very crowded. So try to visit the place on other times.
  • Summer months from March to June are too hot.
  • Do not miss the planetarium.
  • You get auto rickshaws and taxis outside the gate.
  • You can also Contact on +91-5322567093.

Anand Bhawan Tickets Prices

  • Fees of INR 100 for Non-Indians
  • Children below 5 years do not need any entry ticket.
  • Groups of students from schools and colleges get concessions.

How To Get To Anand Bhawan by Public Transport

  • The bus stop is not available within 1 km.

Restaurants Near Anand Bhawan

  • Sagar Ratna
  • Cool Breakfast Food Restaurant
  • Chaht Restaurant



Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial, Allahabad

If you are a nature lover and loves to spend some time in peace enjoying the beauty of nature, you must surely visit this place, one of the famous Places to visit in Allahabad. It is a large sprawling garden with an area of about 133 acres and it is estimated that about 5000 people visit this park every day from early morning till about 8 at night. This park is one of the oldest in the city, built in 1870 to commemorate the visit of Prince Alfred in the city.

The park was a witness to one of the greatest incidents or tragedies in the history of the struggle for freedom, as it was here that the famous and fearless freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad sacrificed his life during his encounter with the British. A statue of him is erected at the place where he breathed his last.

Places to visit in Allahabad

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Thornhill Mayne Memorial is located in the garden and is also known Allahabad Public Library. It reflects Gothic style of architecture and sandstone is used in its construction. It was established in 1870 and turned into a public library in 1879. It stands as a symbol of friendship between Lord Thornhill, the commissioner of Allahabad and Mr.Mayne, the collector, both of whom were responsible for the development of the city.

The library contains a collection of more than 75,000 books and is a heaven for the book lovers. Here you get books on all subjects like:

  • Physiology, Religion, Fiction and Literature.
  • A large number of manuscripts in various languages like Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian.
  • Journals and Periodicals.

Apart from trees, plants, fruit orchards, lawns and gardens, the park also contains a cricket stadium, Allahabad Museum and a statue of Queen Victoria. The park is one of the places in the city where you get fresh air and the scent of flowers and fruits. So never miss visiting the park and other places in the park.

Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial Information

  • The park is used by the people for morning walks and evening walks, yoga and other exercises.
  • The memorial erected in memory of Chandrashekhar Azad is a must visit place in the garden.
  • Meetings and small gatherings are also held in the park.
  • Take care not to damage the public property in any way.
  • Flower show is held here every year.

Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial Tickets Prices

  • Entry is free for all visitors.

Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial Opening and Closing Hours

  • The park is open on all days of the week.
  • The library is open from 09:30 am to 06:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

How To Get To Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial by Public Transport

  • Auto rickshaws
  • Cycle rickshaws

Restaurants Near Company Gardens And Thornhill Mayne Memorial

  • Khana Khazana
  • Veer Restaurant
  • Tasty Bite Restaurant
  • Friends Forever Restaurant



Khusro Bagh, Allahabad

This is one of the Best Places to visit in Allahabad, even though the crowd here is much less compared to other places in the city. It is a beautiful garden with high walls surrounding it and has four tombs inside.

The garden was built as a pleasure garden for Prince Salim, who was the son of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and rebelled against his father. Well, he grew up to become Emperor Jahangir. History repeated itself and there arose a discord between Jahangir and his eldest son Khusrau. Despaired by the sad turn of events, Shah Begum, Khusrau’s mother, committed suicide and was buried in the park. She was a Rajput princess and the first tomb here was built in memory of Shah Begum in 1606.

Places to visit in Allahabad

Image Source

The architecture of these mausoleums reflects a blend of Mughal and Rajput style and is wonderful to behold.

  • The tomb of Shah Begum is a three tiered structure without a main mound, but with a large Chhatri. The Arabic inscription carved on the tomb was done by Mir Abdulla Mushkin Qalam, who was the famous calligrapher of Jahangir.
  • Next to the tomb of Shah Begum is the tomb of Nuthar Begum, sister of Khusrau. This is the most beautiful of the three, making you awestruck with its elaborately decorated and adorned interiors. It is built on an elevated platform and the ceilings of the rooms are beautifully painted with stars in concentric circles. The walls of the central room are exquisitely decorated with floral designs showing flowers, plants and Cypresses.  The tomb was built under the instructions of the princess but she was buried in another place.
  • Last of the three tombs is that of Khusrau. It is also a masterpiece, although not as elaborate as that of Nuthar Begum. A fourth tomb, called the Mausoleum of Tombolan, is located at the centre of the garden.

The gateway of the park is large and very impressive with inscriptions in Persian. During the 1987 revolt, the garden was the hub of the sepoys under Maulavi Liyakat Ali. So it was also involved in the freedom struggle of India.

Khusro Bagh Information

  • Visit the place in the morning or evening as it will be less hot.
  • Do not throw any waste within the premises of the garden.
  • Better visit the place in groups rather than alone.
  • A good picnic spot for the tourists.
  • Located close to Allahabad Junction Station and you may take an auto rickshaw or a cab to reach the garden.

Khusro Bagh Tickets Prices

  • No tickets needed.

Khusro Bagh Opening and Closing Hours

  • Open for the visitors on all days of the week.

How To Get To Khusro Bagh by Public Transport

  • There is a bus stand near the garden.

Restaurants Near Khusro Bagh

  • Nirala Misthan Bhandar



Allahabad Fort, Allahabad

Allahabad Fort is one of the famous Places to visit in Allahabad. It is located on the banks of the River Yamuna, near its confluence with the River Ganga, stands the majestic citadel, unraveled in its beauty and construction. Its nearness to the Triveni Sangam which is also one of the Places to visit in Allahabad makes easily accessible to anyone who visits there. It was originally built by one of the greatest king of India, emperor Ashoka, but was repaired by the Mughal monarch Akbar in 1583.

It is considered as the largest fort built by Akbar and there was no structure in India to match with the fort in its design, craftsmanship and construction during those times. The huge wall surrounding the fort appears to rise up from the water on the edge of the river and is very striking. It is still in good condition and its beauty is best viewed from a boat on the river.

Places to visit in Allahabad

Image Source

Three beautifully designed and massive gateways lead you inside. A major portion of the fort is occupied by the Indian Army, where no public is allowed to enter. The fort is now commonly known as Ordnance Depot Fort. There is lush greenery surrounding the fort and the entrance of the fort is slanting, which allows the occupants of the fort to roll barrels and prevent the entry of the enemy inside the fort.

Some of the attractive features of the fort are:

  • A gigantic Ashoka pillar believed to have been built in 232 B.C., which stands to a height of 35 feet. It has various inscriptions on it describing the victories of Samudra Gupta, the royal edicts of Ashoka, and the coronation of Jahangir, as well as the names of many visitors including that of Birbal.
  • Jodhabai’s Palace is a marvelous place that you will love to visit. It is a mix of Islamic and Hindu style of architecture.
  • Saraswati Kund, believed to be the origin of the mythical river Saraswati. Visitors are not allowed in this place.
  • Patalpuri, an underground temple accessible through a small door on the eastern side of the fort.
  • Akshaya Vat is the immortal tree found in the Patalpuri temple. It has been mentioned in many ancient scriptures.

Allahabad Fort Information

  • Be careful about keeping your valuables safely.
  • Do not make a lot of noise inside the fort.
  • Do not go through the tunnels in the fort alone.
  • Only a part of the fort is open for the public and the major part of the place is occupied by the Indian Army.
  • You may reach the fort by an auto rickshaw or a cab from the bus stand, which is 7 kms from the fort.

Allahabad Fort Tickets Prices

  • Entry by donation only.

Allahabad Fort Opening and Closing Hours

  • Open on all days of the week.

Restaurants Near Allahabad Fort

  • No restaurants within 1 km radius from the fort.



Allahabad Museum, Allahabad

The museum is located in the spectacular Chandrashekhar Azad Park and is one of the famous Places to visit in Allahabad. The well kept and beautiful gardens and lawns enhance the charm of the place. It started with a small collection of models of birds and animals in 1931 under the Allahabad Municipality, but the number increased at such fast pace that a need for separate arrangement to keep all the collections arose. Soon the foundation stone for the museum was laid down by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947 and the construction of the museum was completed in 1952. The galleries were also declared open on the same year.

If you are interested in learning the heritage of India, this is the perfect place for you. It has one of the largest collections of sculptures, terra cotta artifacts and other items. The number of galleries here is 18 and each gallery is rich with a wide collection of archaeological findings of the pre-historic era, stone sculptures, bronze seals, precious and semi precious stones, coins belonging to Gupta and Kushan dynasties, paintings, documents in Sanskrit and so on.

Some of the special attractions in the galleries are:

  • A gallery with photographs showing the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. It also contains coins, postal tickets etc. issued by different countries in honor of the Father of Nation.
  • Gandhi Smriti Vahan, which carried the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi immersed in the Sangam on 12th February.
  • Nehru Gallery, which supplies you with a lot of information on Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Gallery on India’s struggle for freedom.
  • Pistol of Chandrashekhar Azad.
  • A collection of pre-historic paintings of India.
  • A carved sandalwood chariot with ivory sculptures of Krishna and Arjun.
  • A collection of modern paintings by contemporary artists.

It takes almost 3 hours to fully explore the museum and it is sure to supply you with a lot of valuable information.

Allahabad Museum Information

  • Do not carry any objectionable items with you.
  • Guide service available for the tourists.
  • A fully air conditioned library with more than 25,000 books is available for students and scholars.
  • An auditorium with a seating capacity of 150 people.
  • You get auto rickshaws and bicycles to go to the museum.
  • Do not throw any waste within the premises of the museum.
  • You can also Contact on +91-5322408690

Allahabad Museum Tickets Prices

  • INR 2 for children below 12 years of age.
  • INR 100 for foreigners.
  • You have to pay a charge of INR 25 to carry your camera inside the museum.
  • Entry is free for conferences and educational programs.

Allahabad Museum Opening and Closing Hours

  • Closed on Gazette holidays.

How To Get To Allahabad Museum by Public Transport

  • No public transport is available. You get auto rickshaws and bicycles to go to the museum.

Restaurants Near Allahabad Museum

  • Khana Khazana
  • Veer Restaurant



Hanuman Mandir, Allahabad

This Mandir is a famous Places to visit in Allahabad, which is close to Allahabad Fort and the Triveni Sangam and Its visited by thousands of devotees daily. The unique feature of the temple is that Lord Hanuman here is seen in a reclining position, which is not seen in any other part of India. The present temple was constructed in the year 1787 and underwent renovations in 1940-41.

The story behind the reclining position of the idol is that when Lord Ram came at the sangam to worship after his victory in Lanka, Hanuman laid down here as he was suffering from severe bodyache. Another myth is that the River Ganga rises to touch his feet.

The temple is one of the pilgrim centers for the Hindus and is only a walking distance from the Sangam. The idol of Hanumanji is in a hollow in the ground and the devotees have to ascend steps to have a look at the idol. Every year during the rainy season River Ganges gets flooded with water and the flood water enters the temple, submerging the idol of Lord Hanuman. It remains submerged for a few days and during this time the puja is performed for another idol of the Lord kept at a risen platform.

The statue of Hanumanji is very huge, about 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide and he has a ‘Gadda’ in his right hand. Near his right foot you can see ’AhiRavan’. Just near his left shoulder are Lord Rama and Laxmana. At the left foot of the Hanumanji there are the idols of Kamada Devi and Aradhana Devi. Many other shrines are also here dedicated to Ram, Laxman, Radha and Krishna, Sita, Durga, Nandi, Ganesha and Navagriha. A Shivalinga is also worshipped in the temple.

Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and fearlessness and reciting the prayer of Hanuman, Hanuman Chalisa, is believed to free you from all sorts of fear. Anyone who worships him wholeheartedly is relieved from all worries.

Hanuman Mandir Information

  • Go properly dressed to the temple.
  • Take a bath before you go to the temple.
  • You may take offerings like sweets and flowers with you when you visit the temple.
  • Keep the sanctity of the temple and behave in a proper way.
  • Do not wear chappals inside the temple. They are to be kept outside.
  • Do not throw anything inside the temple.
  • Do not crowd in front of the deity. Let others also have a chance to worship.

Hanuman Mandir Opening and Closing Hours

  • Open for worship on all days of the week.

How To Get To Hanuman Mandir by Public Transport

  • Auto rickshaws, bicycles and cabs are available to take you to the temple.

Restaurants Near Hanuman Mandir

  • Vimal Caters



 Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad

It is named after the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and is present on the same campus in which the ancestral home of the Prime Minister is. Built in 1979, it is managed by Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, having its headquarters at Teen MurtiBhavan, New Delhi. The planetarium is surrounded by lush green lawns and is a massive structure with a dome shaped roof, which leaves you spell bound with its architectural beauty. It is one of the famous Places to visit in Allahabad.

If you have children with you, it is one of the must places that you must visit, and the kids are going to love the visit and cherish it for a long time. The interior of the planetarium is dimly lit and the ceiling is hemispherical resembling a sky. It has a capacity to seat 80 people and once the seats are filled, the show starts. When you look at the ceiling, you feel like you are sitting under the sky and looking above, watching the stars and the moon.

The show deals with space, celestial bodies like stars, moon and planets, and many other subjects connected with astronomy. Being air conditioned, it offers you a comfortable time for one hour. These shows are conducted in English and Hindi and you may choose one that you prefer.

Places to visit in Allahabad

Image Source

Other than the interesting shows there are many educational and scientific models that visitors can view and buy. These are meant mainly for children as they may help them to become more informative and help them in their projects. A visit to the planetarium takes you to into the outer space and leaves you in awe. It is sure to teach you a lot more about the universe and the behavior of stars and planets. After the show you can walk around and view other parts of the planetarium.

Jawahar Planetarium Information

  • Shows conducted at 11:00 am, 12:00 noon, 02:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 04:00 pm.
  • You can check your weight on Moon and Jupiter in the planetarium.
  • Keep silence inside the planetarium.
  • Take care not to spoil the seats in the planetarium.
  • Do not meddle with anything inside the planetarium.

Jawahar Planetarium Tickets Prices

  • Students and disabled people are given concessions.
  • Take entry ticket before you get inside Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad.

Jawahar Planetarium Opening and Closing Hours

  • Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad timings: Open 24 hrs from Monday to Tuesday.

Restaurants Near Jawahar Planetarium

  • The Ramayana
  • Bhatt Restaurant
  • Shri Krishna Shakahari Bhojanalay



Minto Park, Allahabad

It is a beautiful park located on the banks of River Yamuna, near the Saraswati Ghat and one of the best Places to visit in Allahabad. The beauty and the historical importance of the park draw a large number of tourists from all over India and also from abroad. It was here that Earl Canning read out the proclamation of Queen Victoria in 1858, which stated that the control over India by the East India Company would be completely transferred to the government of Britain.

This declaration was made as a precaution after the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. The British government felt that one of the reasons for the mutiny was the ever evident corruption in the East India Company.

This changed India into a colony of the British government, and 52 years after this declaration, in 1910, the foundation stone for the park was laid by Lord Minto, who was the Governor General then. The park came to be known after him.

Places to visit in Allahabad

Image Source

The entrance of the park is very impressive with a large gate and two pillars on either side. The park is well maintained with plants and tall trees. There are also gardens with beautiful flowers that charm the visitors.

If you would like to have an evening walk or a jog in the morning, this is the right place. Many people come with family to spend their time here. Children love playing here and at evening time you can see a lot of children here with their parents.

Minto Park Information

  • Presently called Madan Mohan Malviya Park.
  • Best time to visit the park is in the morning and the evening.
  • Keep the premises of the park clean and do not litter the park.

How To Get To Minto Park by Public Transport

  • Auto rickshaw
  • Cycle rickshaws
  • Private cab



So now you know the Places to visit in Allahabad. You can include them in your itinerary on your next trip to Allahabad. Plan your trip with us. Book your Holiday to Allahabad with us today.
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