Now Sleeping Pods at Dubai Mall will add comfort for Tired Shoppers

Sleeping Pods

Holding the status of being the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall has always maintained its reputation with its exuberant festivals, exquisite architecture, and high-end shopping. There are  Surprises at every corner,  Now The Dubai Mall has a sleeping pod lounge where tired shoppers can take a break. This Sleeping Pods inspired by the concept of gaming pods in Shanghai’s Global Harbour Mall.

Here are some of the highlights of this newly introduced concept:

  • These cocoon type pods are long enough for shoppers to stretch their legs and lay down comfortably.
  • These pods have shutters that will block any external light from hindering your power naps.
  • All the sleeping pods are equipped with chargers and adapters, which would allow customers to charge their devices while sleeping.




Where’re the Sleeping Pods?

The lounge, which is located at the Lower Ground level near the parking area, serves shoppers by offering them a comfortable resting place on an hourly rate. From the Metro, make your way to the mall, head left then make a quick right. Take the lift all the way to the lower ground parking lot. Upon exiting the lift, you will be greeted by the sleeping pod lounge on your left.


Charges for using the Sleeping Pods?

One thing is for sure, that these pods will definitely act as a blessing for all men who utterly dislike those long and tiring shopping sessions with their partners. But as we know that all good things have a price attached to them, these sleeping pod lounges also have usage charges attached to them. The cost of renting a single sleeping pod is INR 705 per hour, and if you want to rent a pod for more than one hour then the charges will be as follows:

  • INR 1,322 for 2 hours
  • INR INR 1,674 for 3 hours
  • If a person wants to rent a pod for a longer period then he/she will have to pay INR 353 for every extra hour


What’s inside the Sleeping Pods?

The sleeping pod has various features. It has two buttons that control the height of the bed, which you can adjust as your liking. The pod also has a power socket and two USB sockets so you can charge your gadgets while you recharge yourself. Apart from the bed, it has a compartment where you can stuff your bags in.



Can you really sleep inside one?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. They might look ordinary and a bit spacious at first but as soon as the shelter closes, it’s a very relaxing experience. The location helps in providing a degree of quiet inside the pod. The sleeping pods is also spacious enough and can even fit tall or bulky persons. If you’re exhausted after a day of going around the mall, you may want to consider getting some ‘shut-eye’ in one of these!

We hope that this new concept will make your shopping experience in Dubai even more delightful and fascinating!


Now, what are you waiting for?  Please let us know your views in the comments section below
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