Do you have friends who love travel as much as you do? Why not be rewarded for it?

100% TRP allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travellers to us.
You can earn up to ₹6000(discount) —and even travel for FREE—as a member of our travel club.

Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards … it’s a true win-win! The more travellers you refer, the more you earn—it’s that simple. It’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.

100% TRP allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travellers to us.
You can earn up to ₹6000(discount) —and even travel for FREE—as a member of our travel club.

Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards … it’s a true win-win! The more travellers you refer, the more you earn—it’s that simple. It’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.


The three-step process will take just a few moments,
and you could be on your way to earning cash and free travel!


When you Refer a friend or family member that ends up traveling with us, you will receive a ₹200 credit into your account that will remain there until you are finally prepared to travel.

Refer enough, and your first (or 8th) trip with us can very well be free!

  • Person you refer will always show up as your referral
  • You will continue to earn credit towards a future trip no matter how many times they travel with us!

Key Benefits

  • Earn up to ₹300 - ₹600 for each of the 7 new successful travellers you refer plus loyalty points.
  • Earn a FREE trip for the 8th traveller you refer.
  • Earning is UNLIMITED—get cash and free travel even after your 8th Referral
  • Travellers you refer save ₹ 200 on the cost of their first trip plus loyalty points.

100% TRP Explained

100% TRP is slightly different from others. It is linked to your Loyalty Rewards Program automatically and you receive awards in cash and points whenever you refer someone to us.

  1. Amit gets ₹ 200 for referring someone to 100% TRAVELS.
  2. Amit refers Reena.
  3. Reena gets email being invited to sign up; gets ₹ 200 for signing up.
  4. When Reena makes a booking, she gets an ₹X booking reward that she can use in future.
  5. Amit receives 10% of the same ₹X as referral reward in points.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 forever…

Yes! The key thing here is that Amit isn’t given a one-time reward for referring Reena. He’ll keep on getting rewarded every time Reena makes a booking!

Even if Amit stops using 100 Percent Travels for a while, he’ll keep receiving Referral Rewards from Reena and friends. This will nudge him to make some bookings so he can utilize the discounts.

So, it’s a WIN-WIN Situation for you!


Travellers ReferredRewards Earned for each new Traveller*Total Reward Value
8thFree Trip + 1000 PointsUpto Rs.6000*
7th ₹300 + 1500 Loyalty Points ₹600
6th ₹300 + 1500 Loyalty Points ₹600
5th ₹200 + 1000 Loyalty Points ₹400
4th ₹200 + 1000 Loyalty Points ₹400
3rd ₹200 + 1000 Loyalty Points ₹400
2nd ₹200 + 500 Loyalty Points ₹300
1st ₹200 + 500 Loyalty Points ₹300

*Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more about earning a Free 100% trip.


With 100% Travel Referral Program, you can earn increasing CASH rewards or travel credits by referring new travellers to our trips.

  • We offer the most generous rewards package in the travel industry
  • Earn increasing CASH rewards for the first seven new travellers you refer who depart within the same calendar year
  • Every new traveller you’ve referred since 01/08/16 will be counted toward your FREE TRIP or cash reward
  • Your friends will save ₹200 per person on their first trip when they mention your name and Customer Number.

There are lots of ways to refer new travellers to 100% TRP so that you start earning cash and free travel. Here are a few techniques to refer a friend that others have found particularly effective.

  •  Hold a travel-themed party or get-together
  • Send personalized emails
  • Talk up your trips
  • Share 100 Percent Travels catalogues and refer people to www.100percenttravels.com
  • Tell your single friends
  • Think about where you meet people in your everyday life
Here are frequently asked questions about 100% TRP and about becoming a 100% Club Member.
  •  Do I need to sign up for an account?
    Anyone who refers a friend to 100% Travels automatically becomes a member of the 100% Travels Club loyalty program and is eligible to earn cash and free travel. It's our way of rewarding you for spreading the word about 100% Travels. If you've referred new travellers in the past, you're already a member.
  • How do I earn my reward?
    It's easy to recruit a friend. Just tell people you know about 100% Travels and have them provide your name and Customer Number when they reserve their first trip or when they sign up for our catalogues and emails. You'll earn your reward as soon as they depart their first trip. (Please allow 14 business days to process reward checks).
  • Do Club Members hold parties to talk about their trips?
    Yes, they do! In fact, a get-together with a travel theme is one of the best ways to inspire and recruit friends and increase your rewards. Everyone loves to talk about travel, so a travel-themed party or gathering works best of all.
  • Does my referred traveller have to travel with me?
    Absolutely not! Once you recruit a friend, each of you can travel whenever you want — and still share in the rewards. However, when you earn a free trip, it may only be used toward a future trip (not one that you have already reserved).
  • What if I run out of people to refer to 100% Travels Club?
    There are more ways to refer new travellers than you might think. It's surprisingly easy to bring up Travel when chatting with a neighbour, an acquaintance at the gym, or someone you meet at a social gathering — even someone you bump into at the airport during your travels. You'll find that people appreciate the information. Contact us and we shall send you a guide to refer and thus you can earn loyalty points.
  •  Is there a limit to how much cash or free travel I can earn?
    There is no limit to how many new travellers you refer or the rewards you can earn. Refer a friend now with the simple online referral form or call toll-free, +91- 87 27 96 96 96, +91 – 75 28 95 90 00.
  • Can the people I refer travel without me?
    Yes. You do not need to travel with the individuals you refer, and they can travel on any vacation or adventure they choose (even if it's not one you specifically spoke to them about). As long as they mention your name and Customer Number, you'll earn your cash or credit rewards.
  • What are “New Traveller Savings”?
    Each new traveller instantly receives ₹200 off the cost of his or her first vacation or adventure simply by mentioning your name and Customer Number when they make their reservation. Even you earn the same amount.
  • How do I earn a FREE TRIP?
    Refer eight travellers who depart after 01/05/2017 and you’ll earn your choice of a FREE TRIP within 3-4 weeks of their departure. And you’re not limited to just one FREE TRIP—you’ll earn it for every additional eight new travellers you refer.
  • When do I get my cash or credit payment?
    Credit will be available in your account 2 weeks after your new traveller’s departure. You can track your referrals by calling us or through email.
  • Can I combine my cash or credit rewards with other offers?
    Yes. 100%Rewards you earn by referring new travellers may be combined with most of the offers on our website. However, the savings available to new travellers cannot be combined with any other offer. Talk to our Representative regarding the same to get a better idea.
  •  What is included in my FREE TRIP?
    Full details of free trip can be procured from our travel advisor as the free trips schedule/destinations change from time to time.
Referring Travellers (you) must have travelled with us previously. (If you have already booked but have not yet departed, you may earn referral credits only after you complete travel.) For each eligible new traveller you refer (per above), we'll issue your ₹200 credit upon completion of travel and notify you by email. This email serves as your record of the credits.

Referred Travellers (your friends) must be new to 100 Percent Travels. They must not have booked or travelled with us in the past and must not have an existing booking for future travel. Referred travellers must book a Tour or Package with Scheduled Dates. Our other products or services,  do not qualify for this program.
  • Your referred traveller’s give us your full name, phone number and email address at the time of booking and payment of non-refundable deposits. If this information is unavailable at time of booking, it must be provided by 7 days after date of booking. Otherwise, the credit is no longer available.
  • We'll verify that you're a past traveller and that your referred traveller is new to 100 Percent Travels. For reservations made online and paid in full at time of booking, once verified, the referred traveller will be refunded credits in their account or paid back as check.
Other Terms and Conditions 
  • In order to earn your Referral Program awards towards a future trip, the person you refer must book travel with 100 Percent Travels of at least three (3) consecutive nights.
  • Referral Program awards will not be allocated until after the referred party completes their travel with 100 Percent Travels.
  • An email or phone call must supersede the client booking the trip informing that they are a referral.
  • There is no cash pay-out available, only cash credit towards future travel with 100 Percent Travels.
  • 100 Percent Travels may legally suspend or terminate the Referral Program at any time, without notice or notification. If suspension or termination occurs, those with referral program will be given one year to use towards travel. In cases where referral points are still lying in your account, they will be terminated after 365 days.
  • A customer can only be referred one time. Once the client is entered into the system, a code will be attached to the first person to refer the potential client.
  • Only warm transfers, emails or phone calls will be accepted as a referral. No mass lists will be accepted.
  • We will not cold call referrals. This Referral Program is designed for only those individuals that have a desire to travel.
  • Referral Program awards are non-transferable.
  • All referrals must be made PRIOR to the referred party making a reservation with 100 Percent Travels.
  • Referring person receives no travel reward if the new traveller has booked a prior reservation or previously travelled in a 100 Percent Travels booking before. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • There is no limit to travel rewards as long as all terms and conditions are met.
  • Total reserved package cost of the referred party must exceed as decided by 100 Percent Travels, excluding port charges, taxes, government fees and security fees.
  • Offer is valid for new bookings only and one travel reward is issued for each reservation regardless of the number of people booked in each reservation.
  • Travel Referral Program may be changed, amended or cancelled, for any reason, with or without prior notice to existing members.

So are you ready?

It’s simple: tell all your friends, family and anyone you meet on vacation about 100 Percent Travels and when they book their first tour with us and you could win a free holiday on us!*

Just fill in the information below and you’ll be one step closer to collecting your travel rewards!

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